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The most frequently asked question during CHECK IN HOUSE TOUR – “name some famous people born the year this home was built?” It’s easy to name Henry Kissinger, Charlton Heston, Carroll Shelby, Hank Williams, James Arness, Maria Callas.

From a personal perspective, Gerald Aprino whose ballet “Confetti” I first saw at the Seattle Opera House in June 1970. Eight years later I was working for him as Executive Director of the Joffrey Ballet. James Truitte who I worked with at Cincinnati Ballet. Siobhán McKenna who in November 1976 starred in the Abbey Theater’s production of Sean O’Casey’s The Plough and the Stars at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Helen Owen Carry Playhouse where I was serving as Director Of Development. Concert Pianist Alicia de Larrocha who I frequently shared an elevator at NY’s Hotel Salisbury throughout the 1980’s and lastly Melissa Hayden who from 1955-1975 I watched at New York City Ballet and ho later served on the visiting faculty during my tenure at DanceAspen.

Click the link below for an amazing list of more than 500 others who contributed much to the world we know today.

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